Pocket Screamers...

They are some creepy little dudes

Pocket Screamers are scary little figures that emit a blood curdling scream when squeezed. And you know what the best part is? Their eyes also light up! It's a sensory overload of fiendish fun in every bit of their 4.5" stature.

What defines a Pocket Screamer?

If it fits in your pocket, if the eyes light up and it screams when squeezed then it might be a Pocket Screamer! 

Pocket Screamer collection

Where to find them...

2020 - Home Depot
2019 - Spirit, Meijr
2018 - Kroger, Meijr, Spirit, Ben Franklin
2017 - Spirit Halloween
2016 - Big Lots
2015 - Jewel Osco
2014 - Big Lots
2013 - Spirit Halloween

Each year they release a few new figures which are usually a related set, there have been clowns, zombies, trolls and babies. What will this year bring us? The suspense is too much! The figures pop up each fall in random stores from Walgreens to Menards and Big Lots, Party City, Kroger, CSV, Fred Meyer to online resources such as eBay and Spirit Halloween. While not 100% certain it's believed that they have been on the market since the turn of the century. No one really knows who produces them and despite all of my research I've yet to find a consistent manufacturer or designer. That in itself is a little creepy.... why do they just appear each fall, where do they come from and where do they go?

We've searched the interwebs high and low and only know of one other person with the same sized collection, luckily we're partners in crime. We've been on a mission to collect every known Pocket Screamer that has ever existed and will not rest until that mission is accomplished. If you share this same love please drop us a line, we'd like to meet you and know that we're not alone in this dark and twisted obsession.

Build your own Pocket Screamer army today!

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